Give Clean Water

Our Approach

BeyondWater identifies communities and villages in need of clean water via two ways, through the partners and people working within BeyondWater who actively seek out communities in need or via the communities themselves reaching out and making contact with BeyondWater.

Community Partners

BeyondWater do not drill the wells ourselves as it would take years of research and training to learn about the soil conditions and become familiar with the culture of each part of the country – instead we partner with existing organisations, we look for the best in the business in that region and then work with them to increase their capacity to deliver a sustainable water well in the community we have identified.

The Right Solution

Our cost-effective wells are appropriately specified, properly sited and drilled using suitable methods and equipment based on the geological reports we receive about that area. We complete geological reports first and then we seek a permit from the local agency to drill. The bore holes are drilled to function over a life span of 25-50 years. Thus the lowest cost well is not always the most cost-effective. Even the size, weight and type of hand pump are given expert consideration in regards to where it is and who will be using the pump, e.g. women and children?

Education & Maintenance

While in the communities we provide education on water sanitisation as well as hand washing techniques. We also provide information and education on how to maintain the water well and to ensure water testing is carried out periodically.

Evaluation & Monitoring

The BeyondWater team returns to the communities to carry out evaluation and monitoring of water quality; to gain feedback from the community members utilising the water well and also to evaluate the working components of the hand pump – reports are provided back to the BeyondWater Management team and their partners to ensure ongoing quality assurance.