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Current Projects

Current Projects

Donate to New Frontiers Health Force Ngoswani

Donate to New Frontiers Health Force Ngoswani


We are grateful for any amount you are able to donate. You will make a difference to the future of many people

Personal Info

New Frontiers Health Force Ngoswani, Kenya

New Frontiers Health Force is a faith-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Over the past ten years, they have been based in Ngoswani, Kenya where they operate a fulltime health center and primary school.

The Ngoswani Community Health Center is a 24 hour clinic in Ngoswani, Kenya. The clinic is staffed with Kenyan trained medical professionals supervised by its medical director, Dr. Tonya Hawthorne. Ngoswani is a rural town in South Western Kenya, which has a catchment area of 30,000 people (mainly Masai). Often women will walk over several kilometres to give birth at the center, however they will delay if they go into labour at night. Most women have had Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) performed on them, which complicates the birth process. The nearest large hospital is an hours drive on an unsealed road. Its focus is on pre-natal and maternal health care, accident and emergency and basic medical care. The clinic is planning on expanding to a long term stay facility, but requires water to do so. This is an area that continually suffers from severe drought and because of this there is a high mortality rate of babies.

The Solution

Providing clean water will:

  • Reduce water costs to the clinic by not having to buy in water
  • Increase health as many patients come in with waterborne diseases
  • Assist operations when interns and medical teams come to visit
  • Improve productivity on the compound through the vegetable garden
  • Have a consistent supply of both water and electricity through solar


The Process

Stage 1 (A) $6,075
Guttering for all buildings – purchase, transportation, installation

Stage 1 (B) $24,588
300,000 Liter underground tank – purchase, transportation, installation

Stage 2 (A) $18,532
Drilling of borehole

Stage 2 (B) $18,000
Installation of solar pump

Stage 3 $32,000
Electric fencing around hospital to secure the property (solar)